How To Grill Fresh Fish Properly

Grilled fish can be a good option. In addition to the common dishes such as chicken steak, hamburger and beef ribs. Some tips are very helpful in cooking fish.

Preparation Cooking
  • Before cooking, make sure the grill is clean. To reduce the risk of sticking, use oil or nonstick cooking spray.
  • If using a marinade, soak the fish for about two hours before cooking so that it goes into the fish. However, when using a marinade containing sugar should be careful because the sugar will become sticky caramel and cause fish on the grill. Marinade can also be applied to dry the fish before baking.
  • Other way to spice up seafood is brushed with olive oil and then add your favorite seasonings.

Grilling Shrimp
  • Place shrimp on a prick, bake and watch as the shrimp will continue to mature rapidly.
Grilling Scallop
  • Place in a puncture to the flat side. Let the scallops that have a lot of flavor when the grill
Grilling Oyster
  • Oysters, mussels and clams that bigger, cooked faster than the fish. Place the oyster on a heater that is part of the grill. The oyster is cooked when the skin is already open.
Grilling Fresh Fish
  • Make sure the grill is hot, when the grill is hot / not hot so the fish can be sticky on the grill.
  • Put the fish on the grill with a coating of iron within so that when turning the fish are not broken. When baking more than one fish, be sure to leave enough room for air circulation and heat between the fish
  • Fish will sizzle when you put in the toaster. Fish cooked quickly so make sure you pay attention to keep for grilling. Roast about 60% done and then use a wide spatula to flip the fish.
Commonly type of grilled Seafood
  1. Shrimp, large shrimp are the best grilled because it is easily punctured and the cooking process is very fast.
  2. Shells, sea Shellfish can also be punctured and shellfish have a fleshy body structure,
  3. Lobster, Lobster should be split lengthwise before baking.
  4. Salmon, salmon-colored flesh pink is used for steaks and fillets, and has a very delicate flavor
  5. Tuna, one of the best for grilled fish, tuna is cooked like a steak. The surplus of tuna is almost never stick when grilled.
  6. Grouper, white-fleshed fish is usually sold in steaks and fillets, it's also delicious.


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