Tips How To Cook Duck

Duck meat is unique compared to other than poultry meat. The meat is tough and wet, but it was tasty. In France, a duck is a special dish and became a popular food label.

However, to cook delicious dishes of duck taste and knowledge required, the introduction of materials, and proper cooking techniques. Order not to incorrectly to cook, read these tips:

1. Duck meat has a fishy smell, so handling is certainly more complicated than chicken meat. Mainly to tender the tough meat and remove the fishy smell that stung, it takes time and experience cooking.

2. Before cooking the duck meat into a particular cuisine, handle first plumage known to be difficult despite by hot water soaking once, so sometimes we have to pull them out with forceps and then baking it for a while on the fire. After that, just to boil it with water let more tender. Meat tenderizer or the stain after the meat cut into pieces.

3. To reduce the smell of rancid, duck meat can be soaked in a solution of lemon juice or vinegar. When cooked, mix flavor enhancer spices like lemongrass, bay leaves, lime leaves, or galangal.

In this way, the smell of rancid meat ducks will disappear so as not to damage the meat dishes taste the duck fans.


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