Most Popular French Cuisine

Besides renowned as a center of fashion, France also renowned in cooking since the time of Napoleon (17th century). In 2010, French cuisine officially entered into the list of World Heritage Property Not Objects "Intangible Cultural Heritage" by UNESCO.

French cuisine has a way of cooking and presentation that consists of several categories. Each of these represents a cultural tradition of cooking and eating people-tiapnya each have supporters and specialist restaurants respectively. Let's meet with some of the most popular French cuisine.

1. Soupe L'oignon Gratinee (Onion Soup)
The Characteristic is located on sauteed onions until lightly browned, and become caramel, then add Cognac (alcohol 40%) or Sherry (alcohol 15%)giving rise aroma and distinctive flavor. Added cheese and croutons or baguette slices on top and baked with gratin.

2. Ratatouille
Typical of this food is the kind of vegetable are used. Everything is a type of summer vegetables, like zucchini, eggplant, peppers and carrots, then cooked with a little olive oil (olive oil).

3. Salad La Truffe (Truffle Salad)
One of the most popular processed from mushroom material, is a Truffle Salad, served with Hollandaise sauce. This cuisine is usually served as an appetizer. This salad is a favorite because the aroma is very enticing. This dish is also quite expensive because truffle mushroom is one of the rarest in the world.

4. Foie Gras terrine
Of this classic French dish, made ​​from goose baked with lard (bacon). Idiosyncrasies of this dish is the goose that will be used, first swan fed grains (corn) in order to the size of the liver become about 2 times larger than its original size.

5. Stuffed Escargot Garlic Butter
This dish is processed with butter and garlic. No wonder the aroma of garlic is very strong. To enjoy it, have to use the brace (open ricer), at first glance looks like pliers, only sphere-shaped head which serves to clamp the shells of escargot.


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