How To Cook Brown Rice

Brown rice has a little difference with the white rice in general. In addition to its color and nutrient content of brown rice is higher, how to cook brown rice is also slightly different. 

Before cooking brown rice, there are some things you should pay attention. Here are some tips how to cook brown rice that we need to know:

• Because of the high fiber content in brown rice cooking brown rice cause requires more time and more water than ordinary rice. If you cook just a minute and the water is less, usually less cooked and hard.
• should, cooking brown rice does not use an electric cooker or rice cooker because red rice will be undercooked and still hard. If cooking brown rice using a rice cooker, use more water, because brown rice need more water and takes a longer time.

Step how to cook brown rice:
1. Wash rice thoroughly, rinse 3 times.

2. Then soak the rice in water for about 30 minutes before entering the rice cooker.

3. After 30 minutes, put the rice into the rice cooker, with the amount of water 2 times more than we cooked white rice. because it's brown rice requires more water.

4. Can also, we mix brown rice with white rice, a 2:1 ratio, in order to taste more delicious red rice and little fluffier.

5. Wait until cooked.


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