Trick to Make Cookies More Beautiful

With limited equipment and materials are relatively inexpensive, beautiful cookies you can make. Just need a little creative and patience, like artificial bakery cookies you can make. In addition to crisp and sweet taste, It is important cookies look beautiful and attractive colors. With a little trick these simple cookies can appear more special:

Here are the tips to make cookies more beautiful

1. Basic dough
Prepare the basic dough cookies, a sweet dough or given chocolate. After the dough is ready, then think about the idea of ​​form and decoration. The dough is ready to be placed in a sealed container and store in refrigerator. If it is printed and baked, store in an airtight container to keep crisp.

2. Strategy
Decorate cookies also need a strategy. Take advantage of the equipment and decoration that you already have. Prepare everything in place, easily accessible so that did not set a lot of time to search. Ensure that all containers of oil clean and dry so that the dough and other materials still good quality.

3. Limit the dye
Do not be obsessed with a variety of materials to decorate cookies. Limit the type of decoration in order to avoid confusion. For example, just melted chocolate or icing only. also limit the variety of colors and decorative embellishments such as a grain of sugar, nuts or other garnish. Add a little color before they are mixed into a lot of smear dough.

4. Diligent exercise
The more exercise, guaranteed to be more expert in forming the decoration. Including the timing of when baking cookies, so the cookies are generated can be perfect.


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