How to Cook the Fillet Meat

To get the meat fillet, you can buy in supermarkets and meat stores. But, make it yourself will save costs. Check out some how to fillet the meat:

1. Beef

For processing into fillet of beef, you can buy beef tenderloin kind. Place on a cutting board and discard the fat, you can use a special knife fillet. Save the meat has been cut to be made into various dishes.

2. Chicken

The term of fillets tend to be widely used, including chicken meat. To create a fillet of chicken, you can cut the chicken breasts. The trick, place the meat on a cutting board and press down. Use a sharp knife and slice through the chest tilted to make the two parts. As an alternative, you can buy at the butcher shop.

3. Other types of meat

Almost all the meat could be cut as fillet, ranging from the meat of sheep, goats, pigs, until deer. Methods to be used as fillet cuts were practically similar. Meanwhile, some kind the meat would be difficult to make fillets, such as venison.

Cooking the fillets meat:

To cook the fillet meat for any kind, try to give the olive oil, garlic and other herbal ingredients, then chill in refrigerator for an hour or two. Cooking time depends on cooking method and size of the fillet, but preparations for the size of the roast should be two inches thick fillets over and cook for 20 minutes with a temperature of 204 degrees centigrade. Unless, chicken fillets are thin as can be cooked quickly.


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