Tips on Healthy Cooking

Make a tasty dish is easy, but when processing food to be healthy, it is quite difficult, because it must be smart in choosing the materials used. Produce food that meets high standards for taste and health is not something easy to get. Foods processed by roasting with more fiber have fewer calories that make you healthier.

Here are some steps to make healthy dishes that you can do at home

1. Make a dish without using cream
Cream sauce is most often used in making the dish, so that it can lead to levels of body fat, you automatically have to replace the cream with a suitable material for aroma and taste.

To make the cream substitute you can make at home, how to mix 1 cup milk in which there were low levels of fat with four teaspoons of flour and stir with a flame temperature decreases to a boil until thick and evenly. For salads, low levels of fat can choose to mayonesnya.

2. Try cooking with less oil
Olive oil and canola oil are good for the body but its use should still be the size of a little, give a little oil is preferred for salads and soups, while cooking on the stove, try to use the least amount of oil or merely stick to the pan only.

3. Get to the preparation of fried crispy
For processed chicken, fish or vegetables you can put it into the refined flour and coat with canola oil or spray with olive oil and place on baking sheet and bake until the temperature of 232 degrees Celsius until crisp.

4. Add flavor without the use of salt
To memembuat food, try replacing the salt with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice or use fresh spices that have been chopped, also avoid canned products.

5. Use whole grains in baked food
Use of refined wheat flour on the grill because it will add fiber and enhance the essential B vitamins, zinc and magnesium. Try using whole wheat flour in muffins, breads, use material that is finer textured grain.

6. Use egg whites
Egg white has 16 calories compared to the egg yolk has 54 calories and 5 grams of fat, use two egg puih instead of one egg.

7. Create your own ice cream
Ice cream must have fewer calories and fat than regular ice cream, use low-fat milk in ice cream making.

8. Choose good fats
Replace butter with olive oil or canola oil, butter for seven times more saturated fats than oils.

9. Give the vegetables in meat dish
To maintain health for the body, you can give that has been diced vegetables and whole grains, such as mushrooms or peppers for the consumption of healthy foods.

10. Reduce the cheese
Using a cheese for variety is the most delicious dishes, choose a cheese that gives more flavor impact than more calories.


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