How To Clean Crabs Without Hassle

Crabs are one of the much-loved seafood, because it is tasty and delicious. Crabs are usually purchased in a state of life, in order to maintain freshness. But many people are reluctant to buy cooked crab for themselves because they do not know how to clean it. It also requires a special trick to cooking it.

If at times you want to try cooking it yourself, you should note this in the clean crab:

1. Make sure the crab claw in a state of strongly bound. Then, turn around and look for crabs is a triangular section at the bottom of his body. Puncture and split the triangle is so dead crabs. In it there is usually a sand and other debris that might make you poisoned.

2. If you are still afraid to turn off this crab, prepare a container of water and ice cubes, then put the crab into it until the crab is not moving. Then wash as usual.

3. Clean the inside of the colon in the form of crabs such as the black string that connects the stomach to the navel crab. Remove the hexagon is also the board or a heart crab.

4. Halve the shells of crabs and brush until clean. Crabs ready to be cooked.


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