How To Cook Grilled Fish

Grilled fish would be anyone's favorite dish. Unfortunately, the grilling fish's job easy bother. If you do not know the tricks, the fish might be burnt, or immature, and stuck to the pan or grill.

The main thing to consider when grilling fish with nonstick skillet with no oil is not to let the pan get too hot. If it is too hot, fish will overcook (on the outside) but not yet mature.

Ability to maintain sufficient heat is required, so the fish does not stick, broken, and made ​​it hard behind and presented. To facilitate all of your efforts, when grilling fish in a frying pan add a little olive oil or butter to the pan evenly and heat hot enough to ripen the meat.

We recommend that you also do not bake the fish with the pan in an intact fish. Previously, these fish pieces with a thickness of about 3 cm, and cook each side for three to five minutes.

"The fish tend to be capable of storing heat in the flesh, although it was not cooked again. Then you should lift the fish just before reaching the desired level of maturity, and let the fish mature by itself without a stove," said Chris Yeo, executive chef and owner of Straits and Sino restaurants in America.


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