How To Fry Shrimp Properly

Fry the shrimp looks easy, but the result is often dry and hard. How to fry shrimp properly? Here are the tips:

1. Should select shrimp that actually taste delicious fresh so chewy.

2. Clean the shrimp, remove the head or scissors he grumbled.

3. Cut the shrimp back of the back to allow the flavors to absorb easily and quickly cooked shrimp.

4. To give a flavor can be mixed with salt and garlic.

5. Heat oil over the pie is a lot.

6. Fry the shrimp until it changes color then drain immediately.

7. Heat oil until hot right back and fried shrimp back to the surface a bit dry and then drain.

8. Keep the oil that is used quite hot. If too long fried with less oil heat shrink and then the shrimp will become tough texture.


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