Tips to Make Your Own Pasta

Cooking pasta, like spaghetti or lasagna, be an alternative way to present carbohydrate intake at home. Usually people buy in packaging dry pasta in the supermarket, but there's nothing wrong if once in a while you try to make your own pasta.

Michael Symon, Iron Chef America host events, give a few tips to make your own pasta.

1. In the recipe to make pasta dough, usually used whole eggs. However, Symon chose to use only the egg yolks when making pasta dough. "I prefer to use egg yolk as it will make the pasta more tasty and rich," he said.

2. After pasta dough is ready, the dough rest for a few hours before grinding. This will help the dough to make it more supple and fluffy.

3. When going to ground, keep the dough so as not to dry. Prepare a spray bottle or a small bowl of water next to the grinder. When the dough is already rolled it a little dry, spray or sprinkle a little water to the dough to keep the humidity.

4. To make the pasta that contains as ravioli, try to provide enough content, and sideways to the edge. "The smaller the edge, the better ravioli, provided that not too thick," says Symon.

5. To flavor the pasta, add salt to the batter. However, avoid adding salt in the dough directly. Dissolve salt in water, then add the pasta dough. Salt water helps release the starch in the pasta to the pasta dough chewy and not easily broken.


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