Tricks How To Cook Minced Meat

In the supermarket there are two kinds of minced meat. The first, minced meat without fat, and the second fatty minced meat. We recommend using lean meat if you want to mix it with the cuisine, especially if the batter should be rounded. Fat on meat will make the rough spots. Here are the trick how to cook minced meat:

Chop Trick
To make minced meat of quality and hygiene, follow these tips:
1. Choose lean meat, and remove the fat is hard and wiry.
2. With a wide blade and sharp, irislah beef into thin and small.
3. Minced meat with the movement in one direction, and do not forget to return the result chopped flat.
4. Food processors also can be used for chopping.
5. To make the burger should be mixed with herbs and other ingredients.
6. If you buy minced meat at the supermarket or traditional, meat should not be washed in order not to dissolve.
7. Ask the butcher at the traditional markets, whether the mill is distinguished by the type of meat used. Better to choose sellers who use a rolling pin and knife are different for each type of meat.
8. Make sure the meat seller in both traditional markets and supermarkets sell quality meat .

Any food that can be processed with minced meat:
1. Lean minced meat suitable for the spaghetti meatball. For the sauteed vegetables, choose lean minced meat.

2. In addition to sauteed, chop the meat is usually processed into burgers. For these preparations, there is usually a mixture, ie bread, eggs, onions, pepper, and salt. Is formed round flat dough, fried in a pan that has been given margarine.

3. Simple cooking sauce made ​​from minced meat with mashed once again pounded the way. The goal that the meat is more subtle. Give pepper and salt, make a round of a marble. Fried with a little hot oil.

4. For spaghetti bolognaise, simply roasted minced meat, bolognaise sauce add instant. Stir well.


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