Tips To Make Soft and Creamy Pancake

Children who are picky certainly should be tricked by providing enough variety of food. In addition to bread, other foods that usually they like for breakfast is pancakes. To produce a soft and creamy pancakes, you have to do this tips:

1. Fresh. Use fresh ingredients only, including those that may not be your check, such as baking powder.

2. Set the temperature. Before using the eggs and milk, put these ingredients at room temperature. If not, will affect the cooking process so that the pancake becomes harder.

3. Dough. It takes time to stir the baking powder in the batter. After combining the mixture slowly so they would not clot, clot, leave in place for at least 10 minutes.

4. Heat a frying pan. Pancake is best when cooked on a frying pan or iron. Heat a pan with a little vegetable oil or butter. When the pan is really hot, then pour the pancake batter.

5. Patience. Do not flip through the pancake until you see bubbles appear all over its surface. Then, after flipping pancakes and cook other side, lower the heat slightly and keep your levels not to overcook. Sweep surface of the wok with paper towel before pouring the next batter.


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