How To Make Tea Correctly

Tea is the most popular beverages worldwide. To get the maximum flavor from the tea, so how to make tea needs to be done correctly. Because if we are wrong makes it the benefits of tea that is not there anymore. Here is how to make tea correctly:

1. Air temperature.
To brew green tea, the temperature of the water used is different from brewed tea or black tea. The water temperature should be around 90 degrees celsius when brewing black tea, as if boiling water is directly used for brewing, the tea can be 'burnt' or missing properties and aroma.

So is the green tea or tea flower. Please allow new water to boil about 1 minute, then pour into a container of tea.

2. Duration.
Also affect the long brewing substances contained in tea. Green tea, good if brewed for 30 seconds, then drink immediately. Moderate tea like black tea in a bag, worth no more than 5 minutes, because the content of preservatives in the sheath can be dissolved in drinks.

3. Teapot.
Choosing a teapot, a place to brew tea, also affects the flavor and properties. Teapot should be made ​​of cast iron. Useful to keep the temperature so as not to cool quickly, and make tea leaf extract and antioxidant maximum release.

4. Mixed with milk or lemon
Tea can be mixed with milk. Tea mixed with milk or milk tea are known to reduce the stimulant effects of tea because the milk will bind calcium stimulant substances in tea. Another way is to add the lemon that often we know called Lemon Tea. Lemon will provide protection for digestion, because the citric acid in lemon prevent the crust on the intestinal wall.


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