How To Cook White Asparagus Properly

Vegetables rich in fiber with plenty of water content, white asparagus, feels good when processed as a stew. This can be boiled vegetables dishes like beef tenderloin companion, fish, ham, and even risotto and delicious eaten with boiled potatoes. Here's the tips on how to cook white asparagus properly:

White asparagus should be cooked by boiling only. If not boiled it will taste bitter. Boiled white asparagus for about six minutes. But if you want to get a taste of crispy, lift earlier than the maximum time.

So that the vegetables stay fresh and delicious to eat, watch the way storage. asparagus should be cooked immediately while fresh and not too long kept in the refrigerator. If you want to save the white asparagus in the refrigerator for dinner for example, do not pile up the vegetables. because in addition to damage the texture, improper storage can also affect quality.

Incorrect storage will affect the durability of vegetables and will have an impact on the quality of taste. By way of cooking and storing the right, white asparagus can be a healthful food choices for families. In addition to healthful because it is cooked by boiling, the vegetables are also quite low in calories, rich in sodium, good source of vitamin B.

Unlike green asparagus is grown in many places, white asparagus tend to be rare. Typically, in countries such penghasilnya Europe (France, Germany) are also found in Japan, white asparagus is only available in season April through June.


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