Tips How To Make Cookies Successfully

Plans to make cookies. Sunday is the right time to start making cookies. What to consider when shopping materials, preparing materials, making up pack. Here are tips to make cookies that can be your guide:

Choosing a recipe:
Use a recipe that you've made ​​a couple of times so that you have mastered how to make it well and know the results. Not mean it can not try new recipes. To try a new recipe should make a ½-prescription or 1 prescription first to know the exact result. Weigh the cake per recipe and calculate the amount you need so that the cake you make the numbers fit.

Shopping Ingredients:
In order to not waste a lot of time, shopping the cake ingredients in your shop that you know the type of goods and the price. Sure you can try to another store if there are materials that need to be searched. Purchase of materials, especially materials that are not sufficiently be retained as long as butter, margarine, chocolate and various fruit jams. Calculate the amount of material carefully before shopping, so no need to pace because less material. Make a note that is not compelled to buy the excess.

Stirring Ingredients:In making cookies dough a few things you need to look at the following:

1. Weigh materials carefully before starting to knead the dough.

2. Weigh chicken eggs (because the size is not the same) and let the room temperature.

3. Sift the dry ingredients (flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, powdered sugar, baking powder) to be easily blended.

4. Use a low speed when first mixing the butter and sugar. Once well blended then add speed.

5. Do not knead the dough for too long with high speed. Fairly evenly mixed origin. If you stir the batter too long to be soft due to heat exposure and cookie dough mixer so hard.

6. Dough that is flat and ready to be formed can be stored in a covered container in the refrigerator for 1-3 days. If it would be baked, let it sit at room temperature and the shape and bake.

7. Use a flat baking sheet for cookies in the form of a steel plate with no sides for evenly cooked cookies.

8. No need greasing baking pan with margarine if it had been used several times.

9. Leave a gap of 1-2 cm between cookies in order to inflate perfect.

10. Preheat oven first so as to achieve the desired temperature while the cake baked.

Pack the cookies:
1. Pastries fresh out of oven and heat is still usually a bit mushy. Take a few moments to cool and harden.
2. Choose containers cookies food safe, clean, tightly covered or airtight so that the cake is not easy doldrums.
3. Once prepared in a container, cover tightly and tape with masking tape if the lid is not airtight.
4. Garnish with a little decorative packaging in order to appear more beautiful.


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