Tips On Choosing Fresh Beef

You are rarely cook might be a little difficult to find a way of fresh meat that are available in supermarkets. But there are several ways that can be used to determine the freshness of beef. Here are tips on choosing a fresh beef:

1. Color 
One physical characteristic that is easily visible is the color of the meat itself. Choose meat that is still bright red. Never choose meat by color is not red anymore, because it could mean the meat is old and not worth for consumed.

2. Texture 
The texture of the fresh meat was still firm. Press a small piece of meat to determine its texture. If the texture of the meat back to normal when pressed, or chewy, meaning the meat is still fresh.

3. Smell
 The fresh meat has a fresh scent, or so-called smell of of meat. If fresh meat is definitely not the sour smell of the meat.

4. No liquid
When buying meat, you must have seen the blood-like red liquid flowing out of the meat. This fluid is not blood, but the juice from the meat. In the supermarket you'll often see this, but as much as possible do not choose meat wrapped in plastic wrap, styrofoam packaging, which reveal the fluid.

5. Do not buy frozen meat 
If you can buy fresh meat and will directly manage it, why you should buy frozen beef? Freeze the meat aims to maintain the durability of the meat. This meat may be preserved, but actually it is not fresh anymore. When forced to buy frozen meat, choose meat that no flowers ice, because the possibility of frost is also there in the flesh. The meat has a frost already means not good and fresh meat. Meat has been through three times the preservation process, ie freezing, refrigeration, and freezing again.


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