Tips How to Cook Beefsteak

Beefsteak that you cook, was clay, or stir-fried meat that you cook at all rubbery? This could be because you are not careful in choosing the beef to be processed. Consider the following tips to cook beefsteak.

Here are surefire tips to process beef for beefsteak as revealed by the Executive Chef, vIndEx Tengker the show "Iron Family 'that was held by the Meat and Livestock Australia.

This type of meat pieces or parts:
Choose the type of cuts of beef according to the type of cuisine that will be made. Each part of the beef has a different character and texture. For example, Chuck, Eye Ribs, Short Loin, Sirloin, Plate & SONGS, and Round. This type of sirloin beef with a layer of fat on the side suitable for beefsteak. While the upper thigh fat or oil is not suitable for rendang. If one chose the meat may not feel like cooking meat on the steak tough.

Beefsteak maturity levels:
Beefsteak has six levels of maturity of the meat. First, the 'very rare' that is usually just like the French with temperatures ranging from 130oF (54.4 C). Second, the 'rare' with a temperature of 140 o F or 60 ° C the level of maturity is favored Americans and Europeans. Third, 'medium rare' cooked to a temperature of about 145oF (62.7oC) and 'medium' 160oF (71.1 C) is usually favored by many people. While the level of maturity 'well' is 170oF (76.8oC) and 'very well done' is 180oF or 82.2 ° C

The best steak and the best there is in the maturity of medium / medium well. Flavor of meat is very tender and juicy. Blood red color as seen on the inside of the beef not blood but broth with great-tasting juice.

When cooking, turn the meat so juicy beefsteak once that is in the meat does not come out. Therefore do not be poking or flipping meat meat too often. It can make the meat juices out and it feels so uncomfortable.

Store the beef:
If you want to save, cut into pieces of meat used as needed, put it in a covered container and store in freezer. The size of a small beef facilitate the process of melting meat will be cooked at. Frozen beef meat take 12 jam/1kg to melt. When melted, let the meat in containers at room temperature or soak it in water with the wrapper. Do not wash or dissolve in water because of protein and vitamins is also dissolved.


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