Variations How To Decorate Cupcake Topping

Bored with the look of an ordinary cupcake? Try a variety of how to decorate cupcake toppings. Not just looks so beautiful, it's also more interesting. Can with butter cream, egg whites or whipped cream. Let's try!

Many people love cupcake. Because of its tiny, decorations can be diverse and look pretty small to make people not get bored to see it. If you want to experiment making various kinds of ornaments, try a variety of ways:

1. Spray
Enter a butter cream or whipped cream (with color and flavor to taste) into cantons spray cake, put a large syringe or scissors rose tapered triangular shape. Spray the surface of the cupcake. Give adorned with decorative candies, chocolate or chopped nuts.

2. Circular
With the help of a rather large cake spatula, Spread butter cream or whipped cream in a circular motion on the surface of the cupcake to form a pretty pattern of circles. Decorate according to taste.

3. Pile up
If using dough icing, place the dough in the middle surface of the cupcake with a rather high position. With a small spatula, apply icing to the sides of the cupcake to form a molten pile of beautiful Icing. Decorate the center with decorative fondant or sugar

4. Fall
This decoration is very simple. Can use the egg white batter (meringue) or whipped cream. Drop a spoonful of batter into the cupcake surface, allow it to melt slightly. For the dough meringe, can be baked directly on the fire until slightly dry.

5. Tower
This method is no less interesting. Spread icing or cream to the surface of the cupcake with a small palette and high circular motion until slightly uneven. Cover with shaved chocolate, chocolate decoration, decorative sugar, shredded coconut or chopped nuts rough. The result, higher surface and beautiful cupcake.


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