How To Cook Turkey Successfully

Usually turkey cooked by roasted. Well, in order to make roast turkey tasty and delicious, you may have noticed the following tips on how to cook a turkey:

How to Cook Turkey

1. Place the turkey on top of a large pan for easier cooking.

2. Cover with aluminum foil after the turkey is cooked to keep warm and do not lose it before serving.

3. Make sure you leave on its own cold turkey before cooking the turkey to keep it fresh.

4. Avoid opening the oven how many times because it will lengthen the cooking time.

5. You can buy a turkey from the supermarket and then immediately put in frezzer, make sure the turkey is cooked the day before, the ice has melted, do not use water to clean the shower.

6. Should insert the stuffing into the turkey for 30 minutes before cooking.

Roast Turkey Recipe


1. Turkey ready to use, (buy it in supermarkets)
2. Olive oil (to taste)
3. Lemon (1 fruit, 1/2 take the water. 1/2 let)
4. Rosmery leaves (to taste)
5. Onions (2 pieces) diced
6. 5 tablespoons of batter
7. 2 tablespoons honey
8. 1 small green apple diced
9. Oregano 1 tbsp
10. salt to taste
11. pepper to taste
12. 1 small carrot, diced
13. Minced beef 200 grm
14. 1 stick cinnamon
15. 2 tablespoons diced potatoes

How to cook:

1.For smear of Turkeys:
- Mix the olive oil, oregano, pepper, honey, lemon juice, salt, leaves rosmery and batter.

2. For the Stuffing:
- Saute onion, pepper, salt, cinnamon, chopped meat, apples, potatoes, carrots while only half done.
- Lift.

3. Cooking Turkey
- Put the stuffing in the turkey stomach, until full.
- Marinate the turkey with smear material, set aside some time.
- Roast turkey at 250 degrees celcius. For 30 minutes.
- Lift
- Serve Roast Turkey.


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