Tips How To Cook Tofu

Tofu processing can be done in many ways such as steamed, fried, mashed and mixed with other food ingredients. Whatever your choice of cooking tofu, consider how to process this nutrient-rich foods. Here are tips on how to cook Tofu:

1.Fried Tofu

* When frying Tofu, make sure the oil is hot enough. Tofu the colors in order to stay beautiful and evenly, but not too hard to peel when cool, need to Tofu fried in hot oil.

* How long fry Tofu adapted to the size. The smaller size of the tofu, needs short time of fry. Conversely, if the Tofu somewhat large size, it takes longer to fry.

* Do not leave the pan when frying Tofu, because the proper way is to fry while stirring so that the color is evenly distributed.

* If you buy fried Tofu skin. makers better before processing. Add a little salt to the water in order to provide steeping out the savory flavor. After a rather cool, squeeze Tofu.

2. Steam Tofu
Tofu that you should select a soft-textured not know if you want to create steam, including when making Tofu steamed content.

3. Mix tofu with crushed
Choose Tofu that is not too soft if you want to be destroyed, eg for making cakes. Tofu which soft water levels so high that not right if mixed with crushed and mixed with other food ingredients.


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