How To Boil Egg In Order To Perfect Ripe

Here are some tips on how to boil an egg, to be perfectly cooked egg with a chewy texture, and the shells are not cracked.

1. Leave a gap between the eggs.
Should give a distance between each egg with another egg. Do not put too many eggs in one pot, as this can cause the eggs to "hit" each other so that the skin may be cracked and leaking out the egg whites. Also, make sure to give water to exceed the height of eggs, or until the eggs sink.

2. Do not boil eggs too long.
Many people cook eggs too long to ensure evenly cooked eggs, especially the yolk. But it turns out, cook eggs too long can cause the egg to have a rubber-like texture. 10 minutes is enough to ripen the eggs.

If you want a little more soft eggs, then cut just four minutes from time as needed. After 10 minutes, then soak the eggs in cold water until eggs are really in cold conditions. This will ease the process of stripping the eggs later.

3. "Normalize" the temperature of the eggs.
Do not jump just boil the eggs are removed from the refrigerator. Use fresh eggs and a normal temperature or room temperature. Let stand for a moment when the eggs out of the refrigerator until its temperature is normal. The eggs are fresh out of the fridge can make eggs mature for longer, and will also create a greater risk of broken eggs.


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