How to Make Creme Brulee Smooth Textured

Creme brulee is one type of dessert is much preferred because it tastes sweet and unique. One of the unique location is situated at creme brulee sugar topping of a "burned" so that it becomes golden brown caramel and leave footprints on this dessert. Here are the tips how to make creme brulee smooth textured.

Creme brulee was actually made ​​from a mixture of eggs, custard powder, sugar and cream. However, often there are problems often encountered when making this type of dessert that is still lagging eggs taste fishy, and the texture is still a bit rough.

In addition, air bubbles appear on the surface of the cake will also interfere with the appearance of the cake is supposed to be smooth. Creme brulee is supposed to be soft and chewy texture similar to pudding.

Actually when making creme brulee, the key lies in the time whisk the eggs, to produce a soft creme brulee, then there should be eggs in this recipe whipped until stiff and white.

Shaking the egg white until it aims to strengthen the foundation of the cake so as not to collapse when baked and did not cause the cake was perfect fluffy or sodden. In addition, shaking up white also eliminates fishy aroma of this cake and make this cake was soft and light when eaten.


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