Tips How To Cook Chicken

Many ways how to cook chicken. Chicken is one of the most common food ingredients for dishes prepared at home. Even so, there are still many people who do not know the proper way to process it. One way to process not only makes the meat less tender, but also can make you poisoning. For that, see tips how to cook chicken:

1. No need to wash chicken meat
Reasonable when you wash chicken before cooking, because you would think a chicken that has been looked clean after washing is certainly more ready to be processed. But, it is actually less precise, because of the possibility akan happen cross contamination. When you wash the chicken, the pathogen of the sink and the area around the sink will move on to chickens that you're washing. Wash the chicken itself was never eliminate pathogens that have been settled in the chicken. Better, move the chicken to the pan, and as much as possible avoid direct contact with the sink. After that wash washbasin with water warm and liquids bleach.

2. Not using pedestal a plastic for cutting meat
Plastic cutting board is easier to trap bacteria, especially when the surfaces are grooves or scratches the former use of the knife. If not cleaned thoroughly, the bacteria will remain and be ready to contaminate the food.

3. Wash hands before cooking
Why professional chefs never lengthen nails or wear accessories such as rings? Because, they do not want to make room for the slightest bacteria. Forget to wash your hands will make the bacteria hiding under the nail. You do not want experiencing poisoning of food from your own kitchen right?

4. Using the right temperature
To produce a more tender meat dishes and soft, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends to use a temperature of 74 degrees Celsius. Hotter than that number causes the meat to become dry.

5. Use a thermometer
Hard to tell if meat is cooked evenly only by how it looks on the face. Use a special thermometer to cook if you want to check if the thick thighs or breasts are ripe.

6. Take the meat in the back of the shelf
When selecting chicken on supermarket shelves, which took place in the back because the chicken is usually placed in front of the expiration is imminent. The seller will want the longest chicken sell faster, right?

7. Do not store the chicken in the fridge for too long
Longest, keep the chicken in the refrigerator for two days. Because the temperature of the refrigerator at home is usually warmer than the air temperature of the food at the store, and more frequently opened and closed. Although the expiration period is still rather long, usually chicken was not so fresh.

8. Do not throw away all the leftover chicken
It most often you do is throw away the remaining pieces of chicken, such as skin, bone, claw, or jeroannya. In fact, the remains of the chicken can still be used you know, that is to make chicken broth. Broth of a chicken claw to make it more palatable.

9. Do not throw away all the fat
Fat is not good for health, but the fat in chicken is good quality. Chicken fat is rich in palmitoleic acid which is useful for improving immunity. It also contains oleic acid which is good for cholesterol. Poultry meat is also low fat content of unsaturated fatty acid double, making it more stable than other fats in hot temperatures.

10. Use the pan, for baking
How to get the chicken tenders with a crispy skin? The high baking temperature does not always make the skin becomes crisp while chicken menyate can make the meat dry. The trick, grilled chicken on a baking sheet.


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