Tips How To Cook Canned Foods

In big cities, canned food so practical alternative to the popular side dish. Because a side dish of canned not needs take long to cook it. It feels good and easily combined with fresh ingredients. Besides canned food nutrition is equally with fresh food, even better. Do not worry, canned dishes, quite safe to eat. Here are tips to cook canned food properly:

Due to an long shelf life, and the presence of additional material in the ripening process, then the consumption should be more careful. Here are some things that need to be observed when eating canned food:

1. When buying, choose canned whole and good. Avoid canned foods with the cans an dented, deformed, or leaking. swelling cans is an indication of decay and unfit for consumption.

2. Once opened, and not consumed or remained, move immediately into the food waste container with a lid and store in refrigerator.

3. Discard canned food an was rotten to prevent other people or animals to consume.

4. Storing canned food can be done with an open lid origin stored in the refrigerator for 1-2 days.

5. Canned food can be cooked only once, not to be cooked and heated repeatedly because the nutrients will decrease.

6. Liquid in the cans also contain nutrients, so if you want to add water and clean water should be boiled.

7. For fruit - fruit packed in juice also contain good compared with fruit syrup.

8. To obtain an optimal sense, when you process the material can be added to canned foods and fresh spices such as chili peppers, tomatoes or fresh herbs.

9. Make a habit of always adding fresh ingredients such as fresh vegetables for processing canned foods more nutritionally complete.

10. Remove immediately canned food is bubbly, moldy or discolored. Because it shows the food was not suitable for consumption.


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