Tips How To Cook Tempura More Crispy

Cooking Tempura, seem easy. But there are many who have not been successful. Flour dough is uneven or less crisp. The trick to fry tempura not as difficult as you might think. Just take a look at the secret.

Tempura is a popular Japanese food that has been known throughout the world. Although the food is not authentic Japanese food. Fried food is a culinary Portuguese, adapted by the Japanese. Because in principle do not recognize the type of Japanese food fried.

Make tempura is easy bother. If you know the trick, a crispy flour batter and curls can also be made. Masterchef Keisuke Matsushima in a cooking class held in the event of World Gourmet Summit 2011, gives some tips to make a good tempura.

Make tempura batter flour, from ready-made tempura flour sold in many supermarkets.

1. Melt the flour with enough water to dilute. The dough is easy to flow when picked up and passed down.

2. Vegetables that can be processed as tempura very much. Turnip, zucchini flowers, sweet potato, lotus root, bell peppers, eggplant, green chrysanthemums, and others. Wash and dry vegetables dipped in batter before the flour.

3. Heat oil over medium heat much until it reaches a temperature of 180 C.

4. Way to test the batter, drop batter into oil. If the batter settles to the bottom of the pan briefly and then quickly climbed to the top, that's the sign of oil is quite hot. If the batter immediately rises to the surface of oil means the oil is too hot.

5. Dip the vegetables or other ingredients into the batter and fry. Oil and water gurgling sound is a sign of the maturation process. If his voice was quiet, then the dough is dry and yet still contains a lot of water. Conversely, if the noise is reduced by means ripe.

6. Once the dough is dry, drain immediately. Serve and enjoy immediately so that it feels crunchy taste.


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