Tips How To Cook White Rice More Delicious

Rice no have to served in a plain white. With a little extra rice can come up with new flavors better. Not only tastes good but also nutritional content to be more complete. Any tricks on how to cook white rice. Any material that could be added? Get full info below!

Types of Rice
Determine the type of rice is rice flavor. Types of rice also affect the amount of liquid used to cook it. Except for white rice in many different types there are also brown rice, milled rice half, sticky rice too. To taste a fluffier rice, white rice usually is added to the glutinous rice. Replace approximately 10% of total rice with glutinous rice.

How to cook
way of cooking also affects the taste of rice. Rice can be steamed by steamer, or cooked in a pan. or cooked in a rice cooker. The selection of cooking, of course depending on taste.

New creation
To enrich the nutrition of rice, has used a variety of other additional material that is processed with rice. For example, root crops; rice cooked mix with sweet potato (yellow, red, purple), cassava, taro, potatoes, etc.. Also used a variety of legumes such as peas, beans Tolo, red beans, green beans, etc.. Not only add flavor but also enrich nutrients. Unless it can also direct cooking rice with a blend of other ingredients such as fish, chicken, vegetables, beef, etc. so that a complete dish (one dish meal). This method is very practical and make sense of the rice more delicious and rich.

Liquid to cook
Except water as the liquid for cooking rice bias used other materials such as liquid milk, broth, coconut milk diluted, pandan water, tomatoes water, spinach water, carrots water, squash leaf water, and others. Not only the rice taste so much better but also the appearance of rice becomes more alluring colors, not just white. Also can be added various spices such as pepper, nutmeg, salt, soy sauce, oyster sauce or sesame oil.

How to serve
To complement the delicious taste of rice, rice side dish can be served with a companion. Customize this kind of side dish with the content of the rice. For rice with a blend of sweet potatoes should be served with sauteed vegetables, fried chicken or beef stew. As for the rice that has been combined with ingredients such as chicken, fish, shrimp, meat should be combined with vegetable salad, sauteed vegetables or vegetable soup


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