How To Cook Chicken Healthy Way

To get the best and healthy, so it is advisable to cook only chicken by roasting at high temperatures, or boil it. As far as possible leave the ways to cook chicken that is not classified as healthy, such as frying or cooking with bread mixture. Both processing methods are definitely using materials with high fat content, including cooking oil, butter, and eggs.

Here are three healthy way to cook chicken:

1. Chicken breasts boneless and skinless
Boneless chicken breast is an ingredient essential to prepare chicken dish at the earliest. You can buy it at the supermarket and immediately process them as needed. You can prepare dinner in just about 30 minutes. What you need to do is spice it up and put it in the oven (microwave) and then wait until the timer rang chicken has been cooked, and ready to enjoy.

2. Whole roasted chicken
By way of roasting a chicken dish is a special option. When the chicken is left, you can use it to fill a sandwich or healthy salad for a few days later.

Whole roasted chicken processing takes about 1 hour. However, to prepare it you need a lot of seasoning. After that you just put it in the oven (microwave) with a high temperature.

3. Rotisserie chicken
This is a baked chicken with an electric oven. Is fairly healthy dish, because the really ripe. This method is also a great option for those who are reluctant to be bothered by the affair that requires a lot of cooking time. If there is nothing left of this Rotisserie chicken dish, you just stay warm.


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