Tips How To Prepare Barbeque Party

Want to hold a barbeque party, on new year night? To be a successful cook a tasty barbeque, there are some things that need to be prepared. Ranging from equipment, materials until the spices and sauces. Consider first the important tips below.

The grill is the most important things to be prepared. Can be a fire grill with charcoal, gas or electricity. If using charcoal grill, grill choose the distance between the surface and place the fire a little distance. To be more durable charcoal fire heat and fast food does not overcook. Do not forget, have a big enough fan also if using a charcoal grill charcoal fire to keep stable.

Grill with charcoal, the most preferred because it is more practical and easier to obtain. Therefore, look carefully when buying charcoal. Buy charcoal from coconut shells are completely dry so that the heat is more robust and durable. If using charcoal, wood, choose a whole, and it is completely dry so that the heat of the charcoal fire is strong enough.

Anything that can be processed into a barbeque? Almost all food can be. Beef, mutton, chicken, seafood, processed meats (various sausages, meatballs) or vegetables. Especially for beef, you should buy good quality in order to really tender and delicious when eaten. As for the seafood, choose the freshest, if you need to buy the fish market or the traditional markets.

I wonder what a delicious seasoning for barbeque? Choice of seasoning can be varied. If you want practical, buy wear barbequesiap various spices in bottles. There are American made (hot BBQ Sauce, Natural Smoke BBQ Sauce or BBQ Sauce) or the Asian style (sweet and sour seasoning, black pepper, lemon). For the meat can be flavored with a simple barbeque, a mixture of English sauce, tomato sauce, pepper, salt and a little lime juice. For seafood seasoning can use soy sauce (chili and garlic paste and add soy sauce) or yag yellow spice of garlic, turmeric, nutmeg, pepper and salt to mashed.

Do not get too focused on the main course, try to prepare a dish that's easy to complement. For example, vegetable cream soup or salad for starters and fruit cocktail and pudding to cover. Prepare the potatoes are fried, baked potato or rice as a complement. Example of a simple menu: salad of broccoli, a variety of BBQ; black pepper beef, satai sausage, fish, yellow spice, sweet and sour chicken, roasted potatoes, buttered corn, fruit and ice-puter setup a variety of flavors.

Although it looks trivial, various knick-knacks need to be prepared for a barbecue so fun. Prepare skewers satai good quality and not easily burned. Can of bamboo or iron, if any. And wet plus dry tissue in the trash. Plate and glass in sufficient quantities. If necessary use paper plates for quality food container that does not bother to clean dna Mudha taken. Soft drinks also need to be prepared in sufficient quantities, in the form of fruit juice, soft drinks or cold tea.


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