How To Choose Ripe Avocado

Delicious taste makes it much sought after fruit. However, choosing a ripe avocado is tricky, because the maturity of the fruit is sometimes difficult to predict. Wrong choice of avocado, you might get meat that is still hard and bitter on the tongue. So no one choose, consider how to choose a ripe avocado and ready to eat.

1. Avoid skin of the fruit is bright green
Avocado is a fruit that can not mature on the tree, so the fruit should be picked from the tree and stored until cooked. When plucked from the tree, the avocado has a bright green color and smooth skin. Avoid bright green fruit, because fruit is certainly not yet mature. Choose fruit with dark green color because it means you've brooded and likely ripe.

2. The texture of the fruit
One sign of the ripe fruit is fruit that has a soft texture. When looking to choose a ripe avocado, try to press the flesh. When you have an easy means of avocado is ripe. Try to hit some parts of the avocado to make sure the fruit is completely ripe. On some pieces, the soft texture of the fruit is ripe is not caused, but because of the bruises or rotten fruit. That's why you have to press the fruit on all sides.

3. Peel the skin of the fruit
Try to peel the skin a little fruit. If easy to peel, this means the fruit is ripe.

4. Fruit seeds
This is the traditional way which is used to choose a ripe avocado. Seeds of the ripe fruit will detach from the fruit and does not stick. How do I know whether or not attached to the fruit seeds, without cutting the fruit first? Just shake the fruit, the fruit does not stick if the seeds will usually hear the seeds inside the fruit. Moreover ripe fruit will also feel lighter than the still raw.

5. The bottom of the fruit
When choosing an avocado, try to pay attention to the bottom, where the growth of the stem of avocado. If there is still some residual fruit bars, rods and pick it carefully inside the fruit through the "hole" left behind. If this hole is colored green, which means that the avocado is ripe. If it is brown, it is not yet ripe avocado.


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