Tips Trick To Cook Norway salmon

Salmon from Norway is the world's best salmon. Eaten by almost 100 countries around the world. Salmon is rich in omega3 is also famous for the tasty, tender meat. Consider the following trick to cook salmon!

Fresh salmon from Norway is one kind of fish is much preferred in the world. Derived from the Atlantic ocean with a size larger than salmon in general. Flesh thick with bright orange flesh color.

Salmon in the form of fillets or pieces, fresh and frozen are sold in supermarkets. They cost a bit more expensive because most of these fish are imported products. The following points should be observed when going to cook salmon.

Choose fresh salmon:
  • The smell of fresh salmon was always like sea water, no trace of odor.
  • If pressed, salmon meat, bending a little harsh.
  • When buying salmon fillet choose a bright color, an orange uniform.
  • Eye salmon gills should be clear and reddish.
  • Fillet of salmon, should be dry no water at all.
In order to get a delicious salmon and fresh, consider the following note:
  1. You should buy salmon as fresh as possible.
  2. Do not let the salmon meat in a long time at room temperature is not in the refrigerator when brought home from the supermarket.
  3. To save salmon, salmon cloth until dry and then put it in a dry place. With plastic wrap or aluminum foil and store in refrigerator (if it is in the cooler).
  4. Fresh salmon can be frozen up to 2 months from neat and tightly wrapped.
  5. The best temperature for storing salmon tends to be 0-3 C.


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