Tips To Make French Fries

The most enjoyable french fries are by sprinkled with salt and pepper, Dipped in chili sauce, dipped in mayonnaise sauce it's also more exciting. To make the French fries are pretty and do not browned, consider these tips.

Want to make your own french fries, not too difficult. The main problem is the white potato can not but lightly browned. Some ways this can be done to prevent the color change.

Choosing Potatoes
Greatly influence the type of potato texture, flavor and color in fried potatoes. If you buy potatoes that have been packaged, and ready to cut fried potatoes should select a high-starch and low in sugar, as this will reduce the possibility of discoloration. Avoid potatoes fried the packaging that contain wax, because candles make the potatoes fried so it is not crunchy.

Fresh potatoes
If using fresh potatoes should choose potatoes that are not bruised and smooth skin. Any discoloration of the potato can show color changes in the potato that can result in color and taste of French fries become uncomfortable. Do not buy or use a potato kibat greenish skin exposed to sunlight, for green spots on the skin of potatoes contain solanine or toxins.

If a few potatoes, brown when fried, should be boiled briefly in boiling water, drain and then soak in ice water before frying potatoes to reduce discoloration. Blasir process potatoes to remove wax and dissolve the sugar found in potatoes. Sugar makes french fries so browned. In addition, the hot water to a boil reduce the enzyme polyphenol oxidase or a natural enzyme in the potato is a major cause of the color changes to gray. By boiling the potatoes can disrupt the activity of the enzyme and prevent the onset of gray and also to avoid muncratnya oil when frying.

To get good color, in addition to the boiling process can also be done by soaking potatoes in cold water. Besides the color does not change the texture french fries will be crispy when eaten. If you already use a good quality potatoes, soak for 1 hour so that the color is clean and crisp taste. Fry potatoes in hot oil and drain the potatoes and let the rest of the oil that sticks out by itself.


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