Tips On How To Cook Salmon

Protein content in fresh fish such as salmon body needs, especially for children to grow optimally. It takes 15-20 percent protein intake per day, and the composition is also true for adults. Unfortunately, processing of food resources in a certain way to eliminate the nutritional content. Here are tips on how to cook salmon, so that the nutrients in it are not lost because of incorrect cooking.

1. Eating raw
Consuming raw fresh salmon is more nutritious than cooked, especially fried. But do not arbitrarily choose fresh fish. Should complete knowledge of cooking with a variety of information about food ingredients.

2. Better not fried
Fry the fish in the high temperature or fire / grilling over charcoal made ​​in the nutritional value of fish is reduced, even lost. Smoke on grilled fish, for example, affect the absorption of nutrients or nutrients the fish itself.

3. Rather than fried, sauteed better
Dry fry the fish will remove nutrients. In addition, the frying oil with high temperature will change the PUFA fats (which are also contained in fish) to saturated fats are harmful to the body and the source of various diseases. Fish should be cooked as stir over low heat and no oil soaked.

4. Do not direct contact with the cookware
Even if they want to fry the fish, coat fish with bread crumbs to absorb the oil. Thus the fish is not directly in contact with oil or cooking utensils.


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