How to Make Potato Chips More Crispy

Potato chips one of snacks must be ready to accompany you to watch television. You can even make your own chips with this savory flavor. However, homemade potato chips are often less crisp, making it less comfortable to chew. In order for chips made ​​you feel more crisp, these are the tips:

1. Use an old potato
Avoid using potatoes are still young, because the water content is high enough. Old potatoes that have characteristics of the epidermis that is not easily peeled off.

2. Sliced ​​up really thin
Slice thickness is very influential on crispy potato chips. Pieces that are too thick to make the chips to be less crisp. Use a sharp knife to slice really thin. Should be thinly sliced ​​potatoes to form a transparent sheet, and then rinse thoroughly.

3. Soak in water whiting
Whiting water can help the process of crispy chips. After washed, soak the slices chips, into a solution of water whiting, for 20 minutes. Immersion is useful to create a layer of potatoes becomes harder and stronger so that when fried will be more crisp. If you would like more savory chips later, add salt to the water while soaking whiting. We will be fried, drained potato slices until completely dry.

4. Fried twice
Fry the potatoes in enough oil and heat. The thing to remember, do not put too many potatoes into the oil from sticking to each other. These chips fried until cooked and crisp, then drain.

At this stage it is crispy potatoes, but not entirely due to the first oil still contained enough moisture is left behind. In order for the dry and crispy, fried chips have twice. So after drained, fried potatoes back in the pan that is different from a lot of new oil and heat. In addition to so much more crisp, flaky even more durable.


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