Tips On How To Boil Pasta Properly

The most delicious pasta is in al dente level, or not so mature, so it still has a chewy texture and not mushy. However, it is difficult to know if the pasta is al dente or not yet. Here's tips on how to boil the pasta properly.

So that the texture of the pasta is still there and it's also not too soft, you should consider the maturity level of a paste by means of the time and characteristics of the paste.

Level of maturity and duration of cooking pasta is dependent on pasta-making process itself, that instant in the form of dried pasta, and homemade pasta shaped like a wet noodle wet. Wet and dry pasta is an effect on the length of cooking.

When cooking pasta in the form of dry pasta should be boiled in a pot of water is much higher and so the pasta will sink when boiled for 5-6 minutes. However, when boiling the pasta in the form of a wet paste, you should not boil the pasta in a long time for not too mushy. Simply boil in 3 minutes.

To determine the level of maturity that al dente should refer to the center of the cooked pasta. If the center is white, so it is al dente pasta and must immediately be removed.


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