How To Cook Vegetables Correctly

Vegetables have many nutrients and antioxidants. But if wrong in cooking process, nutrition and antioxidants can be lost. Here are some tips how to cook vegetables correctly:

1. Stripping, especially potatoes and carrots, should be minimized so as not to remove too many nutrients are actually found near the skin.

2. Washing should be done before the vegetable is cut into pieces so as not to dissolve a lot of nutrients.

3. Cutting should be done with rather large size. The smaller the size of the material, the more vitamins and minerals that are dissolved when washed.

4. cook with minimal water. If the vegetable soup, try to drink the broth.

5. Incorporate vegetables into the pot should be done if the water has boiled to shorten the contact time with hot water. Cooking by steaming removes fewer nutrients than boiling.

6. Let the open pan during boiling to evaporate the acids so that the vegetables remain green colored, not brown.

7. In the making vegetable soup with coconut milk, use boiling water as little as possible. Once the vegetables are tender, then put the coconut milk and stir, so that milk is not broken.

8. In the sauteed, use vegetable oil as a frying medium. Enter the vegetables into the hot skillet that has been closed for a while. Once out of steam, frying vegetables is opened so that the color does not change. sauteed very well done to dissolve the vitamin A, D, E, and K on the vegetables to become easily absorbed in the body.


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