Tips Prepare Practical Picnic Menu

Preparing food to be one thing that should never be forgotten as a picnic. If you usually buy food at the destination, this time trying to bring their own food from home. Choose a food that is simple and durable. Foods that are too complicated, will make you take a long time to prepare. Here are some tips to prepare your picnic menu.

1. Avoid soups
S​soup is a favorite of the entire family. cooking soup should not be an option for a picnic. Imagine troublesome when you have to wrap it, and make sure plastic or pot does not spill in the car. When it came time to eat, prepare a soup dish also need a separate effort. Not to mention when the kids spilled the gravy on the mat or on their clothes. A sticky mat or carpet and should be cleaned.

2. Create a variety of sandwiches 
The picnic, sandwiches became one of the many foods so as practical options. However, the content of the bread with it, that alone can make children become easily bored. Vegetables in the sandwich not infrequently wetting the bread so that when the sandwich was eaten after a while, it becomes less palatable.

As an alternative, consider the creation of many foods other than sandwiches. Bread salad, for example, could be the perfect choice for a picnic. Grace suggested to mix up all the pieces of toasted bread, meat, cheese, vegetables, or tuna. With the same food, you can create a healthy menu creations are no less enjoyable and practical.

3. Create a menu that is more "environmentally friendly" 
When the picnic and bring food in large numbers, you actually become hassle of having to clean up the garbage leftovers. Instead, think of some eco-friendly menu so as not to pollute the environment in which the picnic.

For example, to make it more simple should not have to bring fried chicken. You can bring the processed chicken, or a nugget. "If you want you can make yourself or buy it in frozen form," By bringing nugget, you do not even need to think of throwing chicken bones.


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