Tips How To Cook Squid

Cleaning and cooking squid is easy bother. The following are tips for you to cook the squid into a special dish of your family.

Choosing fresh squid:

- Small squid body usually colored purple dotted black, squid are large (up to 20 cm) is usually white with little black dots. Choose a squid whose body supple and fresh looking. Squid are wilted and no longer glossy usually have almost decayed.

- Squid will shrink after processing. Because of that, count how many tails in a kilo. Thus, you will not be disappointed when you buy a kilo of squid turned out to be a serving dish, which is certainly not commensurate with the number of family members.

How To Clean the squid:
  • Separate the head from the body by pulling it slowly.
  • Dispose of Ink sac located under the jaw with a knife. If you are not careful, it may break the ink sac. For those who like, gall ink can come prepared, because it is more tasty. However, for the sake of appearance, The ink sac is usually discarded. Insert index finger into the squid's body bag and pull out dirt in it the shape of small spheres. When you insert a finger into the body of the squid, you will touch the cartilage in my back inside. Cartilage was sticking up, right in the middle of the back. Draw a thin clear cartilage is shaped shield.
  • After that, wash the squid bodies under a faucet flow until completely clean, including the head. Once clean, insert squid head to their respective agencies.
  • Instead, put in reverse. In this way, the squid that has been processed it looks round and not dented.
How To Cook Squid:
Enter the squid have been washed into the skillet. Sprinkle a little salt and sugar, turn on low heat, and cover the pan. Shortly thereafter, the squid will release the water. After the water subsided, pour a little cooking oil. Back and forth until the water is completely dry.


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