How To Cook Sauteed Properly

Sauteing is vegetable cooking techniques which the most easily and widely used by housewives. In addition to practical, taste delicious and nutritious dishes still will not be lost because the cooking process while the 5-10 minutes.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to saute correctly, here are the tips how to cook sauteed properly: 

1. Put a little oil, if necessary, spray at the edge of the skillet (frying pan) so that the oil used is not excessive.

2. The way to test whether the oil is hot or not, just fill a wooden spoon into the oil. When removing the oil bubbles around the wooden spoon mean temperature of the oil is hot and can be used.

3. If the ingredients much, then you should first sauteed the sliced ​​herbs or spices. Saute until fragrant, then enter the other ingredients such as fish, shrimp, meat, and wait until it changes color.

4. Use medium heat, especially when using sugar spices, so as not to overcook quickly.

5. If using vegetables, first insert a little hard vegetables such as carrots, papaya, or squash. While for leaf vegetable ingredients, sauteed just before the insert is removed.

6. Sauteed dishes tend to be dry, but you may add water or vegetable broth to ripen. If too much water, not a dish you make stir-fry or soup or vegetable cah it.

7. Serve the sauteed as soon as possible, so it is more delicious and fresh vegetables.


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