How To Make Your Own Mayonnaise

It's easy to get mayonnaise on the market to the supermarket, but homemade mayonnaise is certainly more palatable. Materials required are also readily available. Two egg yolks, 250 ml vegetable oil, and a teaspoon of lemon juice or vinegar. But how to make it? Here's the tips:

* Use a clean, dry container is concave, so that the beaten egg yolks are at one point.
* Use low-speed mixer and a steady foot.
* Make sure the beaten egg yolks until fluffy, thick, pale yellow, and soft. If not, the mayonnaise will break and can not be fused.
* Add lemon juice or vinegar to the fishy flavor of eggs lost and eggs cooked. But not too much because it will ruin the taste and mayonnaise can not be expanded and condensed.
* Low-fat Vegetable oil is the best oil for the mayonnaise. Pour the oil gradually and little by little while continuing to be shaken. If it is not gradual, mayonnaise will break and can not be fused.
* After become a mayonnaise, season with salt, pepper or other spices as flavorings to taste.

Oops ... failed!
* If break: Add the beaten egg yolks until fluffy, thick, pale, and soft. Then pour the broken mayonnaise into the egg yolks gradually while stirring gently with a mixer at low speed.
* Drying and broken because it is stored in the refrigerator: Mix one teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice and one teaspoon of mustard for mayonnaise 250 ml of a rupture. Pour mayonnaise bit by bit as she whipped a mixer or a balloon whisk (tool beater) until smooth mayonnaise again.
* Too thick: Whisk mayonnaise slowly with a low speed mixer while pouring the oil little by little.
* If Odor: Add lemon juice, celery, or pepper.


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