How To Make Vegetarian Sandwich

Sandwich more delicious when prepared with meat and cheese. But for vegetarians, meat would be replaced by other food away from sources of animal protein. Sandwich with vegetable consumption rate will make it much healthier than using meat. For those of you who want to implement a vegetarian or just a taste, there are simple steps to make a healthy sandwich.

Here are guide how to make vegetarian sandwich :

1. In making the sandwich, start with great bread, preferably whole wheat bread. You can also use French bread because of high levels of fiber and protein. Can also use the bread made from grain, such as sesame seeds and sunflower seeds.

2. Then, rub with mustard or mayonnaise organic, with the personalized portion. The next step, add supplements, such as olives, mushrooms, pickles, and peppers. Not to forget, give the vegetables, like tomatoes, cucumbers, bean sprouts, grated carrots, or steamed vegetables such as spinach and asparagus. If you want to continue to provide meat, better use of slices meat that is healthier, such as roast beef, chicken, and turkey meat.

3. Adding cheese is okay too, but choose healthy cheeses, like cheddar cheese or goat cheese, with not too much use. Choice of using the eggs should be considered because the fat content is high enough. If you want, better use of hard-boiled eggs that have been sliced ​​and then tuck with other ingredients sandwich maker.


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