7 Healthy Oils Can be Used In Cooking

In the cooking needs oil, to sauteed and fry the foods. But we should choose a healthy oil. In addition, to gain maximum benefit from the oil, it could use a mixture of oil, by using different oils for different cooking methods

Here are 7 healthy oils can be used in cooking, quoted from Timesofindia :

1. Sunflower oil
This oil is most commonly used in India, as rich in PUFA, especially linoleic acid. This oil is also good for lowering cholesterol levels, so it would be better to use these oils with other oils such as oils combined palmolein.

2. Ghee/Butter
These oils are called butter, made ​​from animal fat and saturated fat in it. This oil is made from some medicinal properties, so the benefits and quality of oil is used very sparingly in your diet.

3. Coconut oil
This oil is widely used in southern India. Unfortunately sometimes arguably coconut oil is unhealthy, while oil contains saturated fats and very different from coconut oil, because in it there is vegetable oil. This oil contains no cholesterol so it can be consumed for cooking as well as in combination with other oils.

4. Peanut oil
peanut oil is good for lowering cholesterol levels in the body without lowering good cholesterol. This oil is also provided in the form of already filtered. This oil is suitable for all types of cooking, from frying, grilling.

5. Mustard oil
Mustard oil sold as vegetable oil. This oil can also be used in small quantities to cultivate vegetables, because it can have undesirable effects on health when used in large quantities.

6. Bran oil
bran oil may lower cholesterol due to a component called oryzanol in the oil, natural vitamin E, antioxidant levels were good for the skin. This oil is best used for cooking with high heat, because it is not teurai to form toxic compounds, suitable for fried food limited.

7. Olive oil
These oils help lower bad cholesterol, is very good oil to be processed into salad dressing, do not use any cooking at high heat.


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