Healthy Packed Lunch For Children

Packed lunch is the best way to ensure the nutritional needs of children will fit their needs. Prepare a packed variable, both in color and flavor, so they'll eat it tasteful. Lunch box kids do not have to be filled with sandwiches, fruit, and milk. Also give them lunch according to taste. As a guide, there are a few examples of the child lunch menu:

1. Soup
Usually, kids like to eat soup. Use a lunch box that large enough to make sure the soup is packed with care. So when eaten, the children will have no trouble.

2. Noodles
If children like carrots, Give more portion in the preparation of noodles, This is aims to increase vegetable consumption in children. You can also give other vegetables, like beans and potatoes.

3. Kebab
Provide healthy lunches for children, also with a considerable portion. Meat should not be replaced with fruits so that the menu is more varied. Just combine the two in the menu skewers; stick fruit like strawberries, pineapple, and grapes in the chicken pieces.

4. Cookies
Prepare cake that tastes sweet, but also try to contain healthy ingredients such as nuts, wheat, and fresh fruit. You also can choose a variety which has smear of peanut butter.

5. Beverages
Bring stock to drink from a bottle made ​​of stainless steel is better to maintain quality of the drink. You can give mineral water, sweet tea, or orange juice in a bottle drinking kids, who usually appears with a funny cartoon character picture.


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