Tips To Make Chicken Soup More Delicious

Delicious chicken soup that eat while still hot, will feel the aroma and flavor. While still hot the broth fragrant and taste are less, it was a sign chicken soup that you make does not quite fit. So, how to make delicious chicken soup, here are the tips:

1. Before making chicken soup, you must first clean the chicken because it is an essential element in the process. Then, boil the water. Enter the leek and celery that have been finely chopped. After that, enter the chicken.

2. While the chicken cooked over low heat, you can saute the minced garlic and put it into soup. One whole chicken, just use six cloves of garlic. Garlic is useful to give fragrance to the soup.

3. Next, you prepare the ginger and lemongrass to add flavor to chicken soup preparations. Function of ginger and lemongrass, is raising chickens rancidity. Ginger and lemongrass do not sauteed because it will not affect the taste of soup.

4. If everything is included and half tender chicken, enter carrots and mushrooms. Cook until done. Chicken soup was ready to be served.


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