Recipe How To Cook Mozzarela in Carrozza, Fried Bread Come From Italy

Mozzarella in carrozza true classic Italian menu. Crunchy and delicious taste appetizing, but the process of making is not complicated. One key to the deliciousness mozzarella in carrozza is mozzarella cheese which melts when fried and bring a sticky sensation on the tongue.

If you do not want to eat fried, could be in-steam, but instead of bread flour to coat an omelet filling. And during frying, let the flames do not get too hot can be cooked stuffing, baseball only on the outside. If you want a sweet taste, bread crumbs may be substituted whole grain cereal. Use a small fire for cooking Mozzarella in carrozza that  is usually sweet. Eat this snack with sliced ​​tomatoes to neutralize the high cholesterol of the materials used.

Recipe to make Mozzarella in carrozza


2 pieces of sandwiches, cut diagonally, the fruit into quarters
10 grams of smoked beef
1 egg, beaten with a little water
10 grams of mozarella cheese
25 grams of bread flour
25 ml of fresh liquid milk white
50 grams of tomato slices for garnish
20 grams of lettuce for garnish
2 grams of parsley for garnish

How to make:

1. Arrange in sequence: one layer of bread slices, mozzarella cheese, smoked beef, and cover with a layer of bread slices.
2. Dip into the milk, then dip into beaten eggs, roll into bread crumbs.
3. Fried mozzarella in carrozza in many oil (deep fried) until golden brown.
4. Remove and serve with garnishes and cocktail sauce.

Cocktail sauce ingredients:

1/2 kg of mayonnaise
50 grams of tomato sauce
5 ml tabasco
100 grams of chili sauce
25 ml of L & P sauce

How to make:

Stir all ingredients until well blended.


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