Tips How To Make Sandwich More Healthy

Sandwich classified as foods that are easily processed, only use materials, such as bread, meat, vegetables, and cheese. But how to make healthy sandwich? In order for a sandwich that we made more healthy, consider the following six tips:

1. Start by selecting a bread

To get the nutritional benefits of the best sandwich, start with step choosing a good bread. Choose whole wheat bread is better than regular bread.

2. Choose protein sources

Beef is a good source of protein, but make sure not too much fat. Also, select beef that does not contain levels of nitrates, a chemical linked to cancer. You can change the source of the protein with chicken breast, canned tuna fish, or sliced of ​​Tofu.

3. Add cheese

Cheese has a lot of fans. Give the cheese as a high source of protein and calcium are good for bones. Because of the high-fat cheese, use sparingly. Option can be low-fat cheese.

4. Fill with fruit

Add fruit to processed sandwich for good nutrition, in addition to getting a sweet taste and freshness. Pick an apple, pear slices or raisins, grapes can be used.

5. Cover with green vegetables

Choose dark green vegetables, fiber yield, and vitamin C that contain cancer-fighting antioxidants. Vegetables that can be selected, such as spinach, watercress, and so forth.

6. Use good fat or no fat

Instead of using mayonnaise, try to choose a healthier sauce, which does not have a high content of fructose. The options can include avocados, peanut butter, or hummus.


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